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Let our customers speak for our product:


Bill (Johnson City, TN)

October 19, 2009


I got our boat pumped out this past Friday and checked the waste gauge. As usual since the day we bought the houseboat (it’s a 1990 Sumerset), it still read about half full. Within 30 minutes of using a double dose of Healthy Boater, the gauge for the very first time showed EMPTY. I couldn’t believe it! The next morning, the heads still seemed clean and fresh. Can’t wait to see how it works next Spring.

Delighted to have found and used the product!

Thanks again… Bill (Johnson City, TN)

Kim (Brunelle’s Marina in South Hadley, MA)

October 14, 2009

Just wanted to thank you for what you do. Last year I researched Black Water and became the expert on our dock. Being a novice to boating- It was the only thing that I was expert at- but thanks to you I was lucky one year ago and called you on the phone. Wellll… now your stuff is being used at Brunelle’s Marina in South Hadley, MA

We have had no smell on C-dock and now A, B, D dockers are or will be buying your product. Also like to tell you that Capt David and Harry had interesting problems- their volume meters were not working. I told them to try My Healthy Boater and both have functional meters after the first use.

Have fun and thanks from all of us.



Lee P. (Fremont, CA)

January 5, 2009


By the way, the Happy Campers powder for the holding tank in the RV?…We tried it on our RV and NOTHING WORKS BETTER….. WE ARE SOLD…. We love it…. I will be purchasing soon…. THANKS for the great tip!!

Lee P.